The Brotherhood

Pi Sigma Epsilon is the only national, professional, coeducational fraternity in marketing, sales management and selling. James Madison University’s Delta Rho Chapter is a brotherhood of 96 members who share a similar interest in furthering themselves as professional leaders of their futures. PSE offers students a national affiliation that has benefits far beyond what a local group would be able to take advantage of by itself. Through PSE, students can gain real world experience while networking with other students and companies from around the country. This positive and professional college environment allows for students to grow as a future business leaders while forming the bonds of a brotherhood along the way.

PSE’s Delta Rho Chapter at JMU looks to add a group of fresh and outgoing faces to our brotherhood each semester. From the start of your PSE career, you will have the chance to leave your mark on our fraternity. Being open to all majors, our goal is to incorporate all of our brothers’ diverse skills to make our chapter the best that it can possibly be. We stress the importance of a cohesively dynamic brotherhood that continues to grow and change as our brotherhood evolves. Developing relationships with one another allows for our brothers to make strong life long connections that will enhance their college experience, as well as their future business endeavors. We encourage students of all majors interested in professional fraternities to come out to our info nights at the beginnings of each semester, and check us out!


The Delta Rho chapter strives for greatness in all of its actions and we are proud to have the highest quality of brothers in the nation. I am confident that by the end of 2017 our chapter will be a top ten PSE gold chapter.

Alex Crothers

President 2016, Delta Rho Chapter

The mission of Pi Sigma Epsilon is to develop the sales and marketing skills of its members through experiential learning and professional opportunities.

Networking Opportunities

Building a strong professional network is an important part of your college career. After JMU, the brothers of the Delta Rho chapter enter the business world with confidence. Networking opportunities are one of the many benefits that PSE offers to all brothers. Having the opportunity to attend various professional speaking events, brothers are given the chance to network with recruiters and employees from valued companies to expand their professional connections. Along with company networking, brothers make life long connections with each other. Reaching out to successful alumni is a great way for our brothers to become successful themselves!

Professional Speakers

On a regular basis, the Delta Rho chapter holds events that feature professional speakers. Whether a professor, recruiter, or representative from a company, every speaker has something new to bring to our brothers. Speakers’ presentation topics vary from inspirational stories, leadership advice, company profiles, as well as job and internship opportunities. Brothers are also given the chance to reach out and/or nominate speakers that they believe will positively impact our brotherhood. These events provide us with examples of how to conduct ourselves in the business world, all the while expanding our networks even further.

Brother Bonding

Professionalism aside, one of the largest benefits that PSE Delta Rho provides its brothers is life long friendships. From hiking trips to lunch dates, its hard to resist the fun of hanging out with your brothers. Some of our brotherhood’s greatest memories arise from spending quality time with each other. Specific activities held throughout the year like game nights, big/little events, intramural sports teams, study groups, proceeds nights, outdoor activities and more help to keep our brotherhood as bonded as we always have been. Each potential member class also bonds with active brothers as a way to intimately get to know each and every member of the Delta Rho chapter.

Intramural Sports

Intramurals have always been a prideful aspect of our brotherhood. Our heavily motivated and highly competitive brothers make for amazing intramural teams. Lead by a brother nominated head coach every year, we have or currently are participating in sports of all kinds including sand volleyball, hockey, soccer, basketball, dodgeball and football. Our teams vary from year to year as co-ed, women’s, men’s or combinations of all. However, no matter what the team is, our brothers make sure we put in work to keep our PSE intramural name the best it can be. Intramurals are an amazing way for our brotherhood to stay active, make memories and keep up our winning attitudes and traditions!