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Welcome the newest prospective member class!


Spring 2018 Recruitment is now open for you!

Interested in joining JMU’s top coed professional business fraternity? Pi Sigma Epsilon, a fraternity focused in the marketing and selling professions, is excited for all students seeking involvement to participate in our fall recruitment. Our brotherhood is open to all majors and years and provides JMU students with the opportunity to strengthen their professional abilities while making life long connections along the way. This years recruitment begins on Monday night, January 22nd with out first information session. Throughout this and the following week, our brothers have created events for you to join in on fun, mingling, food and games, as well as practice your professional skills in a formal environment. If you can’t make every event, there is no need to stress. Although we would love to see you at every event, only some of these events are required. A tentative schedule will be provided below for your convenience as we approach the week of recruitment. Check out our Facebook page at Pi Sigma Epsilon JMU Spring Recruitment 2018, and our Instagram @pse_jmu for updates, pictures and more. With any questions, kindly email one of our VP of Membership and HR at We can’t wait to meet you!

Spring 2018 Recruitment Schedule:

1/22: Info. Night #1, Showker 105- 7pm
1/23: Info. Night #2, EnGeo 1301- 8pm
1/24: Event #1, Showker 105- 8pm
1/29: Event #2, EnGeo 1301- 8:30pm
*1/30: Interviews, Showker G1- 7pm
*1/31: Wise Words, Showker G5- 7:30 pm

*These events are mandatory and require professional dress

Why Pi Sigma Epsilon?

Pi Sigma Epsilon’s Delta Rho Chapter is a family. It is felt from the start of your PSE experience that our brotherhood is more than just an organization. The devotion that we all have towards bettering our fraternity, ourselves and each other is massive. PSE is a place on campus to feel welcome, productive and genuinely fulfilled. The only way to understand why we chose PSE as our home, is to hear it from the brothers:

“Transferring into JMU my sophomore year made it very difficult to find my niche right away. However, I attended the Student Org Night, chatted with brothers, and within a few minutes I felt like I just fit in. Now being a brother of PSE for over a year, I have grown more than just professionally, but socially as well. After seeing how much this brotherhood has shaped me as an individual, I decided it was my turn to give back. I am now on the executive board as VP of Membership and HR where I help the Prospective Members through the 8-week PM Process. Being able to help guide 20 plus kids not only helped me develop skills in leadership, but has helped shaped me to be the person I strive to be for the rest of my life. I would not change this rewarding experience and life long friendships I have made for the world.”
-Christina Garofalo, Beta Alpha


“I rushed Pi Sigma Epsilon as a first semester freshman here at JMU; I knew I wanted to be involved on campus, but knew social fraternities weren’t for me. I came out to an information session, and when I met the brothers I felt like I just fit here. PSE has given me so much over these last four semesters. PSE offers me opportunities to develop my professional skills through professional recruiters and being in contact with local businesses around Harrisonburg. It offers me leadership development skills, and it has taught me how to communicate with all types of people. Pi Sigma Epsilon has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming to JMU!”
-Joe Loving, Alpha Omega

“Coming into my sophomore year, I had yet to find my people. Sure, I had my lovely hallmates from freshman year, but I wanted more. Knowing a few awesome brothers in PSE already, I decided to make a move and check it out for myself. After receiving my bid, bonding with my prospective member class happened so much faster than I could have ever guessed. I suddenly had a group of 21 best friends to spend the rest of my years at JMU with. As I met the rest of the brotherhood, I felt like I had found my home. The people in this fraternity that I get to love and call my brothers teach me knew things every day and never let me forget that I have a family here at JMU.”
-Jenny Amirante, Beta Beta

“As cliché as it sounds, as soon as I walked into the information night during recruitment I felt welcomed. The whole group was so warm and caring; those are the kinds of people that I would want as friends and brothers. As I was talking to people everyone seemed as if they wanted to be there, they wanted to gain new members, and make their chapter as great as it could be. I was encouraged to come out, and I’m so happy that I did because I really don’t think I would have found a more down to earth group that simply wants the best for each other and themselves, as well as to expand their career horizons.”
-Rachael Murray, Beta Alpha

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much of a time commitment is PSE?

PSE as an organization strives to have as much brother involvement as we possibly can get. With weekly general business meetings, regular professional speakers and events, brother bonding, community service activities and more, there are more than enough opportunities for you to be involved. However, like any organization, you get what you give. So, indulging yourself in everything that PSE offers you will result in the best experience possible.

Is PSE social in any way?

As a professional fraternity, we focus a lot of our energy in heightening our brothers’ professional skills. We conduct a professionally structured prospective member process that helps our prospective members learn how to begin furthering their professional selves for their futures. However, the amount of bonding, fun activities and events that we hold show off our social side. We believe that it is incredibly important to have a variety of skills to be successful in the business world, and this includes being socially confident.

What makes PSE different than other organizations?

PSE provides a different environment than your typical JMU organization. Being open to all years, majors and genders we are taught how to interact and connect with all types of people. At the same time, we offer you an opportunity to expand your professional skill set. The social and authoritative skills that you will gain through PSE are things that no other organization on campus can offer to you. PSE is an experience in itself.

What do you look for in recruits?

There is no one type of person that we are searching to add to our brotherhood. As we embrace diversity, we encourage any and all students to check us out. This idea is something that makes the Delta Rho chapter stand out. However, just like any other organization, we do look for students that exemplify motivation, excitement and commitment. These qualities in a recruit will illustrate to us that PSE is something you are willing to dedicate time and focus to in order for us to grow as a brotherhood.